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Thanks (in no particular order)

judges, Swizzy, baileyscream, littlebalup, BwE, marcan, 3absiso, xorloser, NDT, RPS, Sandungas, Euss and many many others who have made all of this possible.

Further Information

baileyscream Ultimate Downgrade Guide

My guide is hugely influenced if not a direct ripoff in some spots of baileyscream Ultimate Downgrade Guide.

NORway Guide

NANDway Guide

Other Useful Sites

PS Dev Wiki

PS3hax NORway and NANDway thread

Threads about NORwegian Teensy Socket and Clip Editions

PS3Hax Assemblergames PSX Place GBAtemp PS3 Homebrew Reddit - Socket PS3 Homebrew Reddit - ClipPS3 Hacks Reddit - Socket PS3 Hacks Reddit - Clip

Feel free to take any of the PS3 guides and redistribute/repost them.