PS3 Downgrading

Guide for PS3 downgrading using FlashcatUSB adapters or NORwegian Teensy

PS3 Downgrading Basics

What Even Is Downgrading?

Downgrading is taking whatever firmware your PS3 is currently at and in most cases restoring it to firmware 3.55, or downgrading it to CFW(custom firmware).

Once your PS3 is on firmware 3.55 or CFW then you can do all kinds of things. Run homebrew, use Other OS (Linux), etc… None of which you can do if your PS3 is updated past 3.55.

In order to downgrade you have to take apart your PS3 and use some kind of hardware device to write and read the NOR or NAND flash on the motherboard.

Only certain models of PS3s can be downgraded, it doesn’t matter what firmware they’re at. Just what model they are.

These guides are geared toward using the FlashcatUSB Clip Adapters, NORwegian Teensy Clip Edition and Socket Edition in order to perform downgrades.

Can I Downgrade?

Check the model number of your PS3 with this chart:

If the downgradable min is less than 3.55 then you’ll be able to downgrade.

You can also check using MinVerChk

Once you know that you can downgrade, check which type of flash memory your PS3 uses on the same chart. It will either be NOR or NAND. Whether your PS3 is NOR or NAND will determine how you downgrade your PS3. As each is downgraded slightly differently.

The NORwegian Teensy Clip and Socket Edition use a PJRC Teensy++ 2.0 in conjunction with NORway and NANDway in order to perform the downgrade. The FlashcatUSB Clip Adapters are used with the FlashcatUSB xPort from EmbeddedComputers.

PS3 downgrading isn’t the easiest thing in the world. I’ve made this guide and this hardware to try and make it a little easier, but there can still be all kinds of problems and issues you run into along the way.

If you decide that you still want to downgrade your PS3 keep reading the rest of these guides before you even buy anything to do it. That way you know what you’re getting into and what you’ll need.

What Steps Are There To Downgrading?

In general this is what downgrading looks like.

What’s All This CFW, OFW, CEX, DEX Nonsense?

So these are all different firmware types that have different features.

OFW is Official/Retail Firmware, the firmware that is made by Sony.

CFW is Custom Firmware, made by people in the PS3 modding community.

CEX are consumer or retail consoles.

DEX are Debug/developer consoles. You can convert a CEX console to a DEX console, if that’s what you’re into.

REX is the Rebug Custom Firmware for CEX(Consumer)

D-REX is the Rebug Custom Firmware for DEX(Developer)

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Getting Started

Please read the entire guide before you actually start (all of it, yes I know it’s long). That way you know what you’re getting into and what things you might need for your particular setup.

I’m also in NO WAY responsible for you messing up or destroying anything in the process of downgrading. I and many others have tried to make this as easy and foolproof as possible, but things can go wrong, freak accidents happen, and not everyone is the brightest tool in the shed.


FlashcatUSB Clip Adapters

FCXA_ALL_Med.jpgYou will need

Alternatively the FlashcatUSB xPort does have official sockets for NANDs and NORs that can be used.

Clip Edition

NTCEGLAMOUR.jpgYou will need

All The Clips

As you know the FlashcatUSB Clip Adapters and the Clip Edition support every clip, at least every clip I know of. It also lets you use some of the clips in ways they were not designed.

But which clip is right for you?

E3 Flasher Clip / E3 Flasher NOR Clip Suit / E3 Clip Suit / E3 Flasher E3 NOR Flash Clip Cable

E3CLIP.jpgYou can use it for both NORs and NANDs on the Clip Edition.

The E3 clip is relatively cheap and easy to come by. It has a pretty long cable and depending on the version of the clip you get you might not need to trim it in any way, you’ll have to trim it for use with a NAND though.

You do have to twist the cable around to actually use it, and since it is such a long thin cable the wires in the cable are smaller than some of the other clips. So it might not be as good as some of the other clips.

The Clip Edition makes it possible to use the E3 clip for NAND downgrading, but it is annoying to say the least. It can be quite fiddly, but it is doable.

You can find the E3 Clip on places like eBay, AliExpress, and various modchip/modding websites. You only need the clip itself, with it’s cable still attached of course. Often times the clip is sold with an adapter board called the E3 Linker, you don’t need it but there usually isn’t much of a price difference in buying one with or without the E3 Linker.

NOR UNI Clip (56 pin) / UNI 56 CLIP / 360 CLIP - 56