OXC Boards Overview

OXC LPCorrectr v2



A LPC "rebuild" QSB for version 1.6 Xbox motherboards.

Project Page and GitHub Repo

OXC LPCorrectr v3



Kekule’s version of the OXC LPCorrectr, includes a cutout to improve pin header solder-ability.

GitHub Page

OXControllr v2 & OXControllr S


A PCB with a USB port and button that plugs into the expansion port on a Xbox controller. The USB port can be used with a flash drive as a memory card, and with the appropriate Xbox mod the button can be used to control power on the Xbox itself. The S version is much shorter to provide a more stealth look, but it’s much harder to remove from the controller.

Project Page and GitHub Repo

OXC XBOX EEPROM Read n Writr v2


An adapter that you can use to read an Xbox EEPROM via a PC serial port, or potentially a USB to serial adapter.

Project Page and GitHub Repo


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