Clip Edition


The NORwegian Teensy Clip Edition is an easy way to read/write to TSOP56 NORs and TSOP48 NANDs using all the various clips out there. You don’t need to solder wires between clip daughter boards and the Teensy++ 2.0, just plug the clip directly into the appropriate connector and you’re good to go.

It also has a built in 5v to 3.3v voltage regulator, so all you need is a 5v 2Amp USB phone charger in order to power everything.


  • Read/write NORs with the E3 NOR clip

  • Read/write NANDs with the 360 clip (32 pin)
  • Read/write NANDs with the NAND UNI Clip (48 pin)
  • Read/write NANDs with the NOR UNI Clip (56 pin)
  • Read/write NORs with the NOR UNI Clip (56 pin)
  • Can be powered over microUSB with a 2 amp phone charger, no external power supply needed
  • Utilizes the Teensy++ 2.0 in conjunction with judges NORway and NANDway Signal Booster Edition software to read/write NORs and NANDs
  • Has 3.3v power output headers

On The Board:

  • 2x E3 connectors one for NANDs, one for NORs
  • 2x 60 pin connectors for NOR and NAND UNI clips
  • 32 pin connector for 32 pin 360 clips
  • MicroUSB power only connector
  • Texas Instruments TPS62086 5v to 3.3v 3amp Step-Down converter with L-C filter
  • 8x 0.1uF decoupling capacitors
  • 2x 10-bit bus switches for switching the circuit between NORway and NANDway Signal Booster Edition
  • 4.7k Ohm Resistor for WP (NOR UNI Clip)
  • Your choice of either pin headers or a screw terminal block for power output
  • Pin header to connect to Tristate (for NORs)


  • Teensy++ 2.0
  • Any clips you want to use with it
  • A computer
  • 2 Amp phone charger

Without the Teensy++ 2.0 installed it looks like this.NTCETOPMIN

Powering the NORwegian Teensy Clip Edition

I recommend using a 5v 2amp USB phone charger with a microUSB cable to power it. But you could power it with an external power supply, just plug it into the 3.3v headers.

The Teensy++ 2.0 can either be powered from the NORwegian Teensy Clip Edition or with a MCP1825 regulator on the Teensy++ 2.0 itself.

If you have a MCP1825 regulator on your Teensy++ 2.0 you shouldn’t connect it’s 5v pin to the NORwegian Teensy Clip Edition.

If you don’t have a regulator on your Teensy++ 2.0 you need to cut the trace between the 5v pad and the 3.3v pad on the bottom of the Teensy++ 2.0 like in the picture. You then need to make a solder bridge with the 3.3v pad like so. Now when you put the Teensy++ 2.0 on the NORwegian Teensy Clip Edition you can connect the 5v pin.

Detailed Board Info

NOR uses this pinout

Where possible there is a 0.1uF capacitor connected to pins 29+33 and 43+52. With some of the clips there is only one 0.1uF decoupling capacitor due to their design.

NAND uses this pinout for NANDway SBE (Signal Booster Edition).

0.1uF capacitors connected to pins 12+13 and 36+37 where possible.

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