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The FlashcatUSB Clip Adapters can access parallel flash memory (NAND and NOR) in-circuit using various TSOP48 and TSOP56 clips, no desoldering necessary. They're designed to work with the FlashcatUSB made by EmbeddedComputers.

Here is a video about the latest clip adapters as well as a video about the original clip adapters. I’ve made a more in depth tutorial video and a video going over some troubleshooting steps. I also have some documentation for the adapters.

FlashcatUSB Clip Adapters are available on my shop page.

The names of the adapters use the same naming convention as those of the FlashcatUSB Parallel Adapters since they support memory with the same pinouts, on that webpage you can buy socket versions of all these adapters as well as other socket adapters.

On the dedicated page for each clip adapter there is an image of the NAND/NOR pinouts that it supports, so you can figure out which adapter will work with the flash memory you need to access.

You can find the clips themselves on websites like eBay, AliExpress, and various modchip/modding websites. I’ve included links to some websites that sell the clips on each adapter page, however I’ve never bought clips from them myself.

You can download the software for the FlashcatUSB xPort from here.