FCCA PSU Adapter


The FCCA PSU is a dual output power supply with adjustable output voltages between 1v~5v and can deliver a total of 3A. When connected to the FlashcatUSB it automatically detects and outputs the correct voltage. Alternatively the buttons can be used to manually set the output voltages. It has a USB Type-C connector which allows it to use USB power delivery in order to draw 3A at 5v from supported sources. Otherwise it's limited to 2A when using a regular USB to USB Type-C cable. It can also be powered through the 5v input.

Once you press any of the buttons the PSU exits its auto mode for that channel and won't re-enter auto mode until you unplug the PSU. You can both press and hold down the buttons to change the output voltage.

When used with the FlashcatUSB I recommend connecting all the adapters together first, plugging in the power supply, and then plugging in the FlashcatUSB. Do the reverse when you're disconnecting everything.